A little about me

I'm an Environment and Business student at the University of Waterloo.
In my spare time, I help run a company and consult others on digital marketing. Something I'm super passionate about is creating aesthetic videos that are enjoyable to watch.

  • Environment
  • Business
  • Videography

What I'm working on

Here are a few things that currently occupy my time,
other than going to class and working on assignments.


We have disrupted the fashion industry by creating leggings with unparalleled levels of comfort. We're even bold enough to call them the world's most comfortable.

CircleSquared Media

We're a creative agency based out of Waterloo, specializing in digital media. Interested in getting drone footage for your wedding, company or other project? Get in touch!

Currently looking for angel investors

Interested in any of the projects I'm working on? Let's connect using
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